Power Group Retail Solutions connects more than 600 storefronts with the top suppliers in the Consumer Electronics and Home Appliance industries. Our managing partner team provide our members with a unique blend of more than 80 years of retail and wholesale executive experience which allows us to deliver the results that both our members and suppliers expect.



Our members represent some of the largest independent and regional retailers in the Canadian industry which provides our suppliers with the high quality dealer base they desire. Our members deliver to our suppliers locations, services and personnel that are experienced and knowledgeable; and represents the highest representation of premium products and services in the industry. Our member base represents a tangible and important share of the total market.



Power Group Retail Solutions members enjoy comprehensive supplier programs that allow them to easily compete with National Chains, thus maintaining their relevance to both suppliers and most importantly to the consumer. Group members are provided with unique special purchase opportunities as well as certain SKUs and programs that are sheltered from the general market. All of this allows the members to operate efficiently and profitably.



Power Group Retail Solutions provides our members with far more than superior supplier programs. Industry trends and forecasts, comprehensive SKU analysis reports, and regular member/vendor conferences and webinars are just some of the services that make sense of an ever-changing market. Each year, the Group embarks on new initiatives and information services to provide members with market insights, decision-making capabilities and new business opportunities.


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